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Overheard: at movie theater

As credits rolled after the movie, Silver Lining Playbook, two older ladies behind me had the following conversation:
1st lady: Remember that movie we saw being filmed in Vegas?
2nd lady: Um, yea.
1st lady: I think that boy was in it (ie. Bradley Cooper)
2nd lady: No, I don’t think it’s that same guy.
1st lady: You’re probably right. He kinda looks like him though.

Short review:  David Russell, screenwriter, did a great job portraying crazy (bipolar, OCD, neurotic). Dialogue was quick, witty, and moving. Performances by De Niro and Cooper was Oscar worthy. I thoroughly enjoyed Jennifer Lawrence’s portrayal of a slightly eccentric widow; she’ll hopefully get an academy nod. Five Stars.

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  1. I’ve been wanting to see this but never got around to it..I’ll have to add it to my list now!

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