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Victim 27

I suffer silently for my child
I have battled mental illness in my child
And when a child refuses treatment
Where am I to turn
I suffer, my child suffers

Endless counselors
They tried so hard
School administrators didn’t know what to do
I had the sheriff’s number in my phone
I yelled for help, I was alone
I suffer, my child suffers

I found medication not taken
Under the seat of the car
Erratic behavior explained
You need help
I have resources
You refuse
I suffer, my child suffers

Arrested for possession, I felt relief
This would be your bottom, I hoped
Detox in jail, I prayed
Court ordered rehab, I rejoiced
You ran after four hours, I cried
I suffer, my child suffers

You self-medicate the dysfunctional brain
I search crack houses for you
The lies you tell these people
You don’t live your truth
I don’t know where you are
I have resources, come home
I suffer, my child suffers

A mother was killed by her son
Mental illness was in her home
She is a victim, too
Her community, her state, the nation
Only recognize 26
Nancy was her name, victim 27
I suffer for my child
She suffered, too

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  1. this was jaw dropping… very powerful. I cried.

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