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A kick-ass workout in 30 minutes

I’m all for spending an hour in the gym, but if it can get done in 30, I’m in. My new favorite DVD training program is a 12-round boxing boot camp by Empower, taught by four-time World Champion Professional Female Boxer Jaime Clampitt. In my martial arts training we spar, which I had never tried before my introduction to Tang Soo Do, so a boxing program seemed like a good idea for gaining confidence, endurance and learning accurate technique.

The program comes with weighted gloves, jump rope, weighted ball, and a DVD with 12 (2 minute each) rounds including instructions. You’ll punch, twist, work abs and engage your core from start to finish. What I love about it is just when your arms are exhausted, she’s moving to a new punching combination or other cardio activity such as jumping rope – think Rocky fast.

My friend Heather and I get together twice a week for a workout at my house, where I have a gym and a good selection of exercise programs, including Ripped in 30 (Jillian Michaels), yoga, pilates, Total Body Transformation (Bob Harper), Tae Bo (Billy Blanks) and P90X, to name a few. She was a little hesitant to try and before we started was stating a disclaimer that she’d “do her best.” It was fast, fun, and engaging. The 12 rounds flew by and before we knew it we were cooling down. Heather was so proud of herself for keeping up and catching on to the fast moving punches. The next day we both felt the effects of a great workout. And hopefully, after a month of working this program, we’ll have bods like a boxer – all lean & mean.

One final note: last night at karate, I used the combinations I learned with this program on my opponent, and proud to say I landed a few good ones.

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