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I’m lovin’ my ass

Shake it girl

Shake it girl

I’ve had a love/hate relationship with my ass for 39 years (the first ten years, I only paid attention if it was covered with shorts under my dress as I swung around the monkey bars). The Green family is known for their butts and hands. Every time a new baby boy is born we are marveling over his huge mitts, “Uh-huh, just like grandpa’s. Grandpa, show us your hands again.” And if the child is a girl, when she hits puberty the women twirl her around and declare, “Yep, she has a Green butt.”

As I entered the workforce I heard, “Watch out for the secretary spread!” Hello, lunch workouts. Then during pregnancy as my feet grew an inch longer, I was determined not to let the backside grow bigger than the belly. Hello, pregna-gym. For me, these (and feeling sexy, you can’t forget sexy!) were key motivators for exercising. So as I jogged, hit the yoga mat, hiked the trails, hit the ball around the golf course, and xc skied through the wilderness, I was highly motivated to keep the ass in check. Then as a result, I easily met my goals.

But say you’re not as motivated as I have been, then what? I read a quote once from Tony Robbins that really hit home, “Successful people understand that if they know what they want specifically, and why they want it, they can figure out how to create or achieve anything on which they focus. They ask themselves the critical question, “What specific actions must I take in order to achieve this outcome/result that I am committed to?”

I have noticed as I changed the focus (obsession) with my body (I want, but will never get, a Brazilian butt) from the outward, to acknowledging what I want my life to “feel” like, my body has naturally followed into a comfortable routine. I exercise now because I want to, not because I have to. I eat clean because it tastes good and my body agrees with healthy ingredients. And now when I look at the ass in the mirror, I like the results of my lifestyle.

As I move to the next chapter of my life – the 50’s – the focus is on my heart, keeping it happy and stress-free. And my face, keeping those wrinkles at bay. Oh, and the muffin top, keeping it under control.

Did someone say hormones? And then there’s the hormones…


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  1. it’s wonderful that you love your body!

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