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The Reluctant Cook: Laying it all out there

Advance Preparation

Advance Preparation

I get the opportunity to watch a chef cook on a regular basis. My husband has a large library of cookbooks and loves to be inspired. But when he’s in the kitchen, I’ve noticed he cooks without recipes and isn’t hunkered over a cookbook, leaving flour or sticky crap on the pages. He adds a little dash of this and a pinch of that, throws it all together and voilà, he’s created a culinary masterpiece.

When we’re in the kitchen together and I’m the sous chef, he gives directions using verbiage that stops me in my tracks, “add a dash, pinch, drizzle, smidgen, drop, give just a tad, and top it with a dollop.” STRESSSSSSSS.

I’m not a fly by the seat of your pants, create as you go, kind of cook. I’m more like the t.v. hosts on the morning news show. I like to have all the ingredients measured and put in clear glass mini bowls, ready to dump in the pot. While we’re at it, I prefer my recipe to have a colorful pictures along with easy directions.

I was glad to hear my organizational tendencies were not on the OCD spectrum but is actually called a technique: Mise en Place. The term translates from French as “put in place.” It calls for all of the ingredients to be washed, cut, measured, and placed around the food preparation area, along with necessary tools and condiments, before any cooking starts. And I suppose the more ingredients and complicated the dish, the more important it is to use Mise en Place.

Julia Child once said, “You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces – just good food from fresh ingredients.” That is so true, sister. And from what I remember watching her on t.v., she was a master at Mise en Place!

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  1. What a novel idea, love your 300 word limit. You are a born writer. Look forward to more articles to make me laugh and brighten my day.

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