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The Reluctant Cook: Don’t send me to the store

My husband, a chef and BBQ fanatic, does most of the grocery shopping, especially anything related to meat. When he sends me to the store with a list there’s usually one item that I don’t know anything about. I seriously get a little nervous as I search the aisles for that one conspicuous item.

Let’s take a quick look at the meat section.meat

You have chuck, cube, filet mignon, flank, New York strip, porterhouse, rib eye, round, sirloin, skirt, t-bone, tri-tip, Salisbury, chateaubriand, flat iron, hanger, and rump.

Last night, I was directed to bring home a flank steak, and after scouring through all the varietals, I sent a text to my husband.


While I was waiting for him to text back, I found the butcher who located the flank, and once in my cart, not confident this is what he wanted, I sent him the picture of a much rounder steak than his description of “flat looking.”

He immediately called and told me to put the $11 (ridiculously overpriced, I found out) steak back. He said something about having a tri-tip in the freezer at home that he’ll take out. Oh, and on my way to the check out to please grab some beer.

I was retelling this story today to a colleague and she has similar fears when she’s been sent to Home Depot to “pick up a couple items.” We laughed because she also takes photos of screws and bolts; and she shivered when I mentioned the herb section. I wonder if there’s an app, that’s like a grown up picture book, for gals like us to use on our culinary adventures to the grocery stores and farmer’s markets…

p.s. Here’s what horseradish looks like.

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