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Fitbit or Bust

My gift this Christmas was a Fitbit Zip. Yes, I know the names of these techy items are all starting to sound the same. What new techy fitness gear do you have that has a quirky catchy name?

The Fitbit Zip is a pedometer. Okay, yes, I do have several pedometers stashed in my drawer somewhere that I got free from workout health programs. But this slim little clip “Zip” uploads automatically to my computer and my other tracking programs! Hurray, it is like a mini-personal trainer.

My favorite tracking programs are MyNetDiary or MyFitnessPal so when I do 5000 steps that day I get a Badge alert from Fitbit. Wow, positive reinforcement!

It makes recording activities easy and then I get to see how many calories I can add to my day since I walked 3miles that morning. Now it is the start of March and my Christmas present is still clipped on and updating me on my steps and distance. Hope this continues through spring!

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