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Upgrade your FitBit Zip

I just found out that the Fitbit Zip now has a mobile app for the Android.
Hurray! My Christmas gift has expanded.

The app has an easy to read Dashboard that lets you see your Steps and Food in a glance. It lets you enter into a Food log, Water log and keep track with linked friends.

I plan on using this for my spring training to get in shape for a sponsored run in October. Yes, that is a bit far off but I have a double goal of losing weight and increasing my running. So the weight loss has to happen first then the increased mileage. As I wear the Fitbit zip I get to see where I am at with my steps AND how much I can consume in calories. I admit that is the part that I like the most. As I earn badges for number of daily steps; my amount of calories per day increases.

Cheers to a great spring start!

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  1. I work at a gym and people are crazy about their FitBits. Good to know there is an Android app now. Have fun stepping it up!

  2. It’s really cool how much the FitBit does. Let us know how the goals work out.

  3. Thanks, that is great encouragement and a good goal to check back in and let you know how it works.

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