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The Far Side “Thagomizer” Story


As a child my entertainment was always in the form of reading, starting with comic books, Sunday comic strips then moving to the local mobile library that came to my neighborhood. My favorite part of school was getting the Scholastic flyer where I could order books that were delivered to my desk a few weeks later. It was like Christmas when my order came in.  In college, Dilbert, Calvin & Hobbs and Garfield were the first things I read in my morning newspaper. Far Side was a big favorite and I remember buying the collection books, as well as seeing an exhibit in a San Francisco gallery.

I was a fan of non super-hero comics growing up. I would ride my Schwinn bike to the local 7-11 and buy an Archie, Betty & Veronica, Richie Rich, or Josie and the Pussycats comic books, usually with money I found in the couch cushions or on the sidewalks. I had an old suitcase that I would keep my comic books in after reading and re-reading. They were prized possessions.

I miss the comics and the small amount of joy that started my mornings. I think it’s time I searched online and subscribe to a few to start my day off when I log into the computer in the morning.

What is your favorite comic? Do you still read comics?

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  1. Of course I still read comics. Everyday. Every morning in the Sac Bee and evening in Davis Enterprise. I grew up reading the morning SF Chronicle drinking hot milk with a little bit of coffee and lots of sugar and reading the afternoon Marin Independent Journal. I can’t live without my hard copy newspapers, but I am adjusting to the Sac Bee on line edition even though I can’t complete the crossword puzzle on line. Currently, my favorite comic strip is Doonesbury. I no longer read Dilbert since I have retired and don’t find it amusing or relevant anymore. When I was a girl, the Peanuts comic strip was my go to comic.

    • Thanks for posting. After talking with people about their comic habits, I have seen that they hold a very nostalgic place for some. Nice to have something from childhood that we all can still experience.

  2. I haven’t read the comics in years, but your post brings up great memories of seizing the section from the Sunday paper every week! My favorites were Family Circle and Peanuts.

  3. Bloom County, Outland and Opus character Bill the Cat was my favorite – so much so that in college I saved up enough money to bid for the doll on the new eBay site.The most money I ever spent on a single item besides classes and books. Although it might have been a bidding site before eBay. What would that have been? I still have the doll although both my dog and husband are afraid of him.

    • Hilarious Stephanie! He was a little scary, but had staying power to be in three comics. That’s where you get the “pffft” like emotions I’ve seen. Hahaha

  4. I used to steal the comics section from my grandparents’ paper when we spent the summers with them. Then my mom would get angry because I was reading comics and not a real book, even though I read a ton of real books. My favorite is The Far Side. I love the day-to-day, rip-off calendars.

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