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The Reluctant Cook: Cowboy BBQ

Camping, camp fires, and camp cookouts bring out the cowboy in my chef. While on a recent outing, after a long day of fishing, hiking and a trip to the local store to replenish supplies, it was back to camp for a one-skillet grillin’ t-bone steak.

First off, my cowboy pre-cooked the potatoes, so after getting the fire just right, he heated them up along with the broccolini, then put them in the warming tray.


The t-bone steak was seasoned with garlic, salt and pepper. A little olive oil was added to the pan and the steak was cooked perfectly medium rare.


Steak was then transferred to the warming pan of potatoes and broccolini, while the sauce was heating.


After a fun flambé with brandy, unfortunately not captured with the camera, the steak is immersed into the sauce. Plated presentation served with Old Moon Zinfandel wine to two happy campers.



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  1. That looks pretty damn good especially for out camping! Everything tastes better on an open fire (and after you’ve earned it) doesn’t it?

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