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Tweet Leads to $1M Investment

You see the following tweet and think to yourself, I have an idea for a start-up and need capital…

Enjoy intimate cocktails with me in Miami on June 15th – $2,000 to charity. For details email: Community.investment@fly.virgin.com

— richardbranson (@richardbranson)

It sounds like an opportunity you have to take, but you’re only 18 and can’t drink legally, so you email the event coordinator and ask if there’s an age limit. “No, as long as you have the $2,000, you can come.”

You call dad and he says he’ll give you the money if you come up with a business plan and can pay him back by the time you start college in September. So you and your brother stay up all night, send the plan over to dad, wait for his response and a couple days later you’re meeting with Sir Richard Branson, British business magnate, founder of Virgin Group and over 400 companies. You pitch your idea, he likes it and sends his money guy out to meet with you the following week in Los Angeles.

Two months later, My Social Cloud, your online service that stores passwords and bookmarks of their users, secures seed funding.


Richard Branson and Stacey Ferreira

Stacey Ferreira, is a young entrepreneur with a million dollar idea. She has a passion about technology and her company now includes five innovative and creative twenty-somethings who are like minded. As for the initial investment, she paid her dad back.

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  1. Wow – what a story.

    • I met this girl at an event I organized for Start-Up companies. All the “kids” were amazing. There were eight start-ups, all million dollar companies, and the CEO’s were all under 25!

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