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SUP Yoga

Gail SUP Yoga, Scotts Flat Lake

Gail doing SUP Yoga, Scotts Flat Lake

Who needs a studio when you have a serene and beautiful mountain lake? Who needs a yoga mat when you have a paddle board? Put the two together and you have the fastest growing outdoor activity, SUP Yoga, also known as stand up paddle board yoga.

In Nevada City, nestled among the pines on Lower Scotts Flat Lake, you’ll find Felicia Sobonya and a group of students paddling, floating, and getting their downdog moves perfected on the water. Fully certified as a yoga instructor and more recently as a paddle board instructor, Felicia is passionate about her sport. The class runs 90 minutes and all activity levels are welcomed. Basic paddle board safety, balance and paddling are introduced before doing yoga positions. The boards are stable, movements are slow, and core is continuously engaged.

There’s still summer left; go out and play!

SUP Yoga in Nevada City

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  1. sounds so, so very nice. beats the indoors

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