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Summer Camp for Grown-Ups

FINAL-CAMP-LOGO-2HighResMy life has a couple threads running through it:    I am a camper. I am an event planner.

I’ve spent my life camping; first as a kid with my family, then with groups of friends, then with my own family. I went on to go camping with my girlfriends, with my couple friends, with my dogs and with my children. As a kid, I was a Camp Fire Girl and went to summer camp. As a teen, I was a camp counselor at a science camp. As a mom, I was a Girl Scout leader and Troop Camp Qualified Adult (meaning I went through training to take my troops camping). When my friend and I became moms, we wanted to give our kids the experience and tradition of camping, so for 18 years we packed them up and headed to Lake Tahoe for a week’s vacation at Sugar Pine State Park. After the kids left for college we wanted to keep camping, so we started going to National Parks. I love to camp.

When I’m not planning camping trips, my career has me planning events. For the last 15 years I have been party planner extraordinaire at a major California University. I love to plan events.

A few years ago I decided to create a competition (similar to Color Wars) amongst my friends, over a weekend, that we called, “Super Couple Olympics.” We stayed at my friend’s cabin and competed in putting, bocce ball, basketball, gambling at a casino (each couple was given $20 and five minutes to see how much money they can win), bowling, horseshoes, ping pong, and darts. Every year I had more and more friends who wanted to participate. And why not bring all this fun to everyone!

And suddenly you know….it’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings. So Camp Yakuhmamia, a summer camp for grown-ups, was created! We are bringing all the fun of being a kid at summer camp: team competitions, Capture the Flag, kayaking and swimming, hiking, gold panning (we are in Gold Country!), talent show, dance party, archery, and many, many, many more activities. What about camp food? Well, it just so happens I’m married to a chef who will create gourmet dinners for all the campers. This isn’t your kids’ camp. I guarantee it’s going to be epic fun.

For more information, please visit our website: Camp Yakuhmamia

Camp Yakuhmamia Back Finalcy7

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