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Tweet Leads to $1M Investment

July 17, 2013

You see the following tweet and think to yourself, I have an idea for a start-up and need capital… Enjoy intimate cocktails with me in Miami on June 15th – $2,000 to charity. For details email: Community.investment@fly.virgin.com — richardbranson (@richardbranson) It sounds like an opportunity you have to take, but you’re only 18 and can’t… Read More ›

I’m a mechanic thanks to YouTube

Recently my car’s warranty ran out and within a few month’s time the service light went on. Being a girl of means, I ran to my computer for help. Not to contact my dealership to schedule an online appointment, but to Google the code meaning, where to buy the parts and finally, how to fix… Read More ›

When you wish upon a star…

My daughter Haily, a student at the University of Arkansas, was just accepted into the Disney College Program Internship at Walt Disney World. She starts Aug. 12 and will be living the magical life until Jan. 3, 2013. It’s a very competitive program and we are so proud of her. This has been her dream… Read More ›

Career Snapshot: Wine Label Designer

I used to have a poster hanging in my office that said, “What Can You Do with Your Biology Degree?” It was a cool poster that listed 97 different career choices, including a regulatory affairs specialist, plant breeder, criminal intelligence specialist, clinical programmer, geneticist, marine biologist, health and safety specialist, public relations, forensic specialist, patent… Read More ›

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