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God Made a Dog

Dog Poems, by David Sedaris

Rags, the Shatwells’ Irish setter, Doubles as a paper shredder. His lunch was bills and last year’s taxes Followed by a dozen faxes. Kimmy, once considered ruthless, Lies in her basket, bald and toothless. Her youth’s long spent, so now she passes All her time releasing gases. Petunia May they say was struck Chasing down… Read More ›

Fat Fido Runs a 5K

Does your dog seem a little lazier than usual? Is he lounging around after his evening kibbles? Is her belly a little bigger after the holiday scraps? Maybe it’s time to start training Fido for a 5K. A program called “Pooch to 5K” will get your dog running a 5K (3.1 miles) in just 12… Read More ›

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